Exergy is investigating how a multifunctional building can be operated efficiently and sustainably with the integration of a geothermal sonde field.

project description

optimized management of a geothermal field

Goal of the project is an exergetically optimal operation of an office building with integration of a geothermal sonde field. This means that as little energy as possible should be lost.

In order to reduce the consumption of heating and cooling energy, an exergetically optimal use of energy at low temperature levels is used.

The E.On Energy Research Center has a groundbreaking energy concept using geothermal energy. The heart of the energy system is geothermal energy, as well as active heat shifting within the building, which are associated with a highly efficient heat pump driven by a turbo compressor. Around the building are 40 distributed geothermal sondes at a depth of 100 meters that form the geothermal sonde field. In winter, the building is heated by using water heated in the ground and in summer the building is cooled like a refrigerator.

In order to ensure the operational management with regard to a sustainable and long-term optimized use of the sonde field, numerical simulations are performed, schematically shown in the figure.

Work sequence for the sustainable control of the geothermal energy field. The extrapolated performance data of the geothermal energy field (top left) are used for the numerical simulation of the temperature distribution in the geothermal energy field (lower right)
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